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How often have you experienced the dread when a near-perfect no-code solution stops working?

Application sustainability is critical for developers, especially those with no/low-code technology solutions. One factor that can significantly compromise the sustainability of cloud service platforms is the absence of point-in-time production snapshots.


If you've worked with no/low-code platforms, this is a huge problem that has a relatively simple remedy.

Point-in-time production snapshots are simply an application's code and sometimes certain data that are frozen (in time) and made available for sustained production use. A snapshot provides an exact copy of an application's environment, including its dependencies, configuration, and data. This means developers can easily recreate an application's environment, even if the original environment has moved forward and changed significantly.

Point-in-time production snapshots are essential for application sustainability. Without them, developers who build on platforms such as Airtable and even Make and Zapier, cannot ensure that their applications will continue to function correctly over time.

Airtable has repeatedly demonstrated the need for this capability despite many attempts by me and others in the community to encourage the development team to add opt-out features when releasing feature improvements that are actually unintended harmful changes.

Would you pay a reasonable monthly fee to freeze your no/low-code Airtable app in time?

Join other app developers as they participate in this poll question. I would love to get your perspective.



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