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I recently moved my work history notes into Airtable, and wanted a way to see at a glance how long I worked at each company, including time spans for those companies I’m still working with (I used to work full-time, but starting in 2012 my work became a mix of part-time and freelance/contract jobs).

The end product is a clean listing of years and months1, as this sample illustrates:


The full table includes three hidden formula fields:


{End Date} defaults to TODAY() if no specific date is entered in the {To} field; otherwise it uses the {To} date. {Years} and {Months} run calculations based on {End Date}. The {Length} field puts it all together.

It’s not a particularly complex setup, but it has more potential use than just job tracking, so I thought I’d share in case anyone else could use it. Copy it to your own workspace to seen the formulas.

  1. I opted not to track days largely because it didn’t feel as important, and also because of the complexity it would’ve added to the formulas. If I change my mind down the road, I’ll update the linked base.
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