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I have a script that looks at a Festivals table and based on a date input prompt in the script it returns any festivals that are occurring during the date input by the user by looking at the start and end date fields. I'd like to further modify the s...
Hello!I'm creating a base that will capture all of my sales. The base consists of a customer table, products table, sales table, and I'd like a goals table. Ideally, the goals table would be have a column for the month/year, my goal amount of sales f...
I have a series of fields I want to concatenate together. The final result needs to include a semi-colon in between each piece of data, but not all columns have data. So I was working to do an IF statement to check if the last of the columns (far rig...
Hello!I know at one time there were several threads that spoke to extracting the First Name from a full name, and also a formula for extracting the Last Name. While I can find several threads with the code for First Name, I cannot find any that show ...
Hello! I have a formula with nested IF statements that works except that what I realize I actually need is to not have the logic stop when it finds 1 of the IF statements true, and actually continue on to validate the remaining IF statements. It very...