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Hi there I have a base for keeping track of inventory for a warehouse. I'm using barcodes. I have a home table that gives an overview and stock count. There's also a table that logs every movement (in and out of items). I add a movement to the log b...
My code is really long so I'm not posting the whole thing, but here's the gist:  let choice = await input.buttonsAsync('Is the stock received from a pending order, transfer or unsure?', ['Pending Order Received', 'Transfer', 'Unsure']); if (choice =...
Hi there :slightly_smiling_face: I have a very simple code involving if statements and buttons but it’s not working. I’ll explain further below my code: let sale = await input.buttonsAsync("Is the vehicle set for another service or will it be...
Hi there :slightly_smiling_face: I’m trying to batch update a date field in a specific view. The new dates are coming from a formula field (I’ve assumed the output of the formula field in the scripting app is a date because it’s formatted as such i...
Hi there :slightly_smiling_face: I’m new to coding and Airtable and I need some assistance. My script is to update a record with user input. The issue I’m running into is in line 7. The script runs but I’m assuming it is this error that stops it fr...