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7 - App Architect
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Memorializing this since I spent entirely too much time and bugged @Justin_Barrett @Bill.French and @openside to get this output. I needed to output the US date format into an email, but I needed “tomorrow’s date” to be output. The use case was an em...
I would like to flag a new record if it arrives and the email address of the new record matches an email address of a record already in the base. I have gotten as far as lowercasing the email addresses to ensure the capitalization doesn’t throw it of...
Ok, I have this script, but I need to check only for duplicates in the same table. Thoughts on what I need to add to ensure the record pulled is not self linking in linked records? //Define the table and query let jobTbl = base.getTable(“Caregiver Ap...
I have two tables in a base. One table is the main profile for a candidate. The profile is generated and their resume is added as an attachment. In the second table, the registered candidate is added with answers to position-specific questions along ...
Hi There! I am just trying to jump in as we are working on data migration for a client. I need to be able to take a table (“Job Applications”) and search for a record in another table (“Applicants”) using a field (“Email Address”) as the lookup. Once...