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Hello, I have a table with about 1700 records. I’m pulling a couple of records and doing some math on all the rows, then updating the result in a new record. The bulk update code I’m using is waaaay faster than a single row update, but it’s still tak...
Hello, The dropdown for “Choose a View” has a narrower width than the max char size of view names. When users name a bunch of views the same initial way, it’s impossible to tell what you’re copying.
Hello, I believe this is simple, but I don’t understand what syntax is needed. I’m trying to read the results of a single-select field as a string. I’m doing a running total calculation, but resetting it whenever a certain reading is found. The runni...
Hello, I’m trying to learn basic scripting. I’m following some examples to get started and build a useful function, however I’m hung up pretty early on. I’m trying to pull all the entries for one specific field in a view. However, when I do this, my ...
I have a datetime field that includes data that’s precise to the second. I’d like to filter records based on an accounting window that’s somewhat unusual (like 2pm Thursday to Thursday), rather than just Thursday to Wednesday for instance. I saw ther...