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Hi folks,I'm looking for ideas on base design(s) for chemical formulations. I've taken one stab at this where I hardcoded some columns, but that fell apart pretty fast. I'm hoping some Airtable creatives have ideas. Here's the general problem:An ingr...
Hello,I'm working on an automation that, when triggered by a new record being created, runs a script. The script should take that record, parse a comma-delimited list, then create new records in a separate table. The new records are include the uniqu...
Hello,I am designing a base that needs URLs with markdown in this format:[text to display](, when I try that... that's exactly what it looks like. I'm using long text fields with rich text enabled. I've tried a bunch of vari...
Hello, I have a table with about 1700 records. I’m pulling a couple of records and doing some math on all the rows, then updating the result in a new record. The bulk update code I’m using is waaaay faster than a single row update, but it’s still tak...
Hello, The dropdown for “Choose a View” has a narrower width than the max char size of view names. When users name a bunch of views the same initial way, it’s impossible to tell what you’re copying.