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I'm wondering if there's a way to allow users configure fields from within an interface? e.g., my use case is that a certain user needs to be able to adjust Kanban columns on the fly by changing available values in a single-select field. They could d...
I have a User field that allows multiple users to be tagged. I'd like to write a formula that will pull those people's first names into a comma-delimited list. I came up with the following:LEFT({Users}, FIND(" ", {Users})-1)...which does the trick if...
I'm trying to set up a formula that will give me the date of "Monday" relative to a given record's date. So if a record was dated today Wed June 21, I'd want the formula to give me Mon June 19.I've done some searching on the forum here and found this...
I have a sort of complicated question about how date formulas treat the concept of a 'week.' This formula also considers the week to be Sunday thru Saturday:DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'w') For a record dated Sunday June 18, the value returned here is 25. ...
Hello! I have 4 date fields, and for a given record, any of the 4 could be filled in (or several of them, or all of them). I've written a formula to return 'Y' if any of the 4 dates fall within the current week. Here's what I've got:IF(OR({Date 1}, {...