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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
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Hi, I have a roll up field, let’s call it “income” What I want is to create an automation with these conditions: Every two days (scheduled time)If “income”>10,000€ I can make an automation “live”, that is: to send an email as soon as “income” exceeds...
What I’m trying to do is what I describe in the title. I have a field with a value. What I want, is to transfer that value to a field of ANOTHER record on the same table. Of course I want this to happen only if that value is a negative number, but th...
Happy New Year everybody. Is there a way to justify text in Interface Designer ?
I have a form that I share with someone. I also have formatted that input to a page (with logo etc) What I would like to do is: As soon someone fills and submits the form to automatically email the page created from page designer. Is it possible ?
Hi. Let’s say that every record has a field named: Cost. The sum of the cost of all records appear at the bottom. Can I use that sum in a formula? For example if I want to calculate the percentage of every record’s cost ( when 100% is the sum ) Thank...
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