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Hi I have a student 'onboarding' table which, when completed, triggers an automation to create a new record in a 'live students' table. So, each field in each new record is linked to one of my 'onboarding' fields. Some of the linked fields are formu...
Hi. I'm struggling with a formula to include a blank attachment field as part of 3 AND conditions. I'm testing this in my base before I put the AND part into a airtable trigger module.At the moment, I have this:  IF( AND( {Ind Doc}!=BL...
Hi. I am trying to construct a formula in a search records module. The module is the trigger and I've been trying:AND({Ind Doc}!=BLANK(),(DATETIME_DIFF(NOW(),{Record Created}(),"days")=14))('Ind Doc' is an attachment field)Any help would be ...
Hi. Sorry, but I'm struggling to know how to do this. After my automation sequence, I want to update a date field with todays date to show when the automation ran. I've searched hard here, but I cannot find a way to do this. I've tried a formula in t...
Hi. I have a very basic password system that uses letters to denote numbers. The numbers come from a client's DOB.I have a date (DOB) field and another field using DATETIME_FORMAT to only show the numbers (DDMMYY). That's all fine.I would like to hav...