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Hello so I have a button that triggers this script. The script is to create a unique child record based on the attachments I add to it. For example, if I add image1 and image 2 into the parent record, then I click the button to run the script and the...
Hi! Im having trouble wrapping my head aroubd this but I am trying to duplicate records and assign then a random date inside the current month and then make them not to duplicate on the same date. So duplicate 1 = month/day 5 Duplicate 2 = month/day ...
So im having an awful hard time trying to figure this out. I only need the price in “Monto Texto”, im trying very hard to get only the number but for some reason “Monto2 Cut” is not formatting into number. My other guess was that its the comma that m...
So im trying to calculate days that are left for a project to end. Im using DATETIME_DIFF({End Date}, TODAY(), ‘days’) but some ended projects show -2 (the ones that ended 2 days ago) how can I make them just stay at 0? Maybe an if condition. But Can...
Hello So I created a button that when clicked it runs a script and the script connects to a webhook and sends some fields to the webhook. But I added an input field at the beginning. First it asks your to input some text, and then send all the inform...
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