I’m a business development consultant specializing in business automation, process modeling, and new technologies — lately with a significant secondary practice in Airtable, As you can see further down this page, in the past 16 months I have posted more than 800 times to Airtable Community and received over 500 ‘likes.’

Not reflected in these stats are the 100-plus demonstration and example bases I’ve published, including ones on such topics as de-duplication, proper name processing, the use of pricing schedules to avoid losing historical data, ‘pretty-print’ routines for converting numbers to strings, Airtable Blocks hacks, and a raft of posts all dealing with enhancing data persistence within Airtable, including ones dealing with calculating the change in price from yesterday to today, calculating ‘next action’ for multiple ongoing tasks, creating a sliding-window Chart Block bargraph charting values for the most recent X entries logged, and, finally, a suite of routines allowing data from previous records to be used in calculations in the current record.

I have also published three well-received bases on Airtable Universe.

If you have a question, post it to the Support forum in Airtable Community and I’ll try to help. If you have particularly difficult or specialized questions or need assistance, from hand-holding to out-sourcing, please contact me here or at wvannhall@paladesigns.com .

My full cv can be found at http://paladesigns.com/resume .