30 second countdown timer

I’m trying to create a 30/45/60 second countdown timer, how would I create a formula for TIMESTR(NOW()) and +30 seconds into the future. I would then point this new field to the countdown app. sorry im very new to this

Welcome to the community, @veryallowed! :smiley: I’m afraid that won’t work. The NOW() function isn’t updated in real time. Per the docs, it only updates roughly every 15 minutes if your base is open, and roughly every hour if it’s closed.

There currently isn’t a way to get the actual real time in Airtable outside of a scripting environment. This seemed like a fun idea to play with for a few minutes, so I wrote a simple countdown timer script that will work in Airtable’s Scripting app. Be sure to click “show original” below to see the full script. Customize the number strings in the second line to change the options.

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