Ability to see when an entire stack has been modified/updated and get a date from this

I am using a kanban view that has columns stacked by a single select field which denotes a freelancer’s name. Every new entry in the table denotes a new assignment, at which point I drag the assignment card to the respective freelancer stack. What I am looking for is a way to get Airtable to spit out a date to track the last time each stack was last given an assignment. I haven’t had any luck with the last modified field type because I cannot simple make that last modified dependent upon one field in every card because a stack could have numerous amounts of cards; but I also can’t make the last modified field dependent on the stack itself because that is technically a static piece of information.
My ultimate goal is for this data to show in a table where each freelancer (stack) value spitting out a date of last assignment figure based on the last time an assignment card was dropped in that respective stack, probably in an AT app later down the line once I figure out how to actually configure the data I am trying to solve for.
Keep in mind, I am not necessarily looking for how long each card has been in a stack, but rather how long it’s been since each stack had a new card dropped in it.
Thanks for any assistance in advance! Cheers!

Hi @Keshara_Moore
If an assignment is removed from a freelancer, would you expect that date to roll back to the last updated time?

Great question! In an ideal world, yes. But that is rather a nice to have as I don’t foresee that happening often given our internal process of assigning projects (the assignment isn’t made until the freelancer has agreed to it and a reassignment of that project later down the line would result in an entirely new entry in the table being created).

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