About creating linked conditionals fields

How to create a new field from searching the value of two fields from the same table in another linked table. For example I want to get the serial number of a PC knowing its name and location (in the same table) but the information needed is in another extended table linked to the table where I want to put the result.

Can you give some context for how your Base is set up? I’m not quite following your needs.

Thanks for answering but I think what you wanted to do was meaningless in the context of Airtable.

Knowing the IdPQ and Zona_Actual fields of the Incidencias table, find with these search criteria the Serial in the Parquimetro table to place it in the PQ field of the Incidencias table.

Where are the IdPQ and Zona_Actual fields being looked up from. They are look ups in the in Incidencias table. Is the linked record they are referencing in the Paarquimetro table or another one?

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