Add a field when add a record


I’m learning and I don’t know if it’s possible with the free version.

I need to automatize that if I add a NEW RECORD in a table then it add a NEW FIELD in another table.

I’m trying to do with Zapier but I can’t

Thank you!


Hi Irene, simply, Airtable is not intended to function in that way.

Can you describe what you are trying to design? Ex. what is your input information and what do you want the table to do with it. The community can probably offer a few solutions without you having to add a new field for each record.



I have Table 1 and Table 2

In Table 1 I have records with the name of projects
I need to use this names on fields (columns) in Table 2 (one by one)


That speaks to the “what” of your setup, but I think we’re also curious about the “why”; i.e. why do you want each project to have its own field in the second table? What’s the purpose behind that design?

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