Add Form Parameter Support (Pre-fill form fields)


Would love the ability to pre-fill all form fields using URL parameters.

Currently some fields have parameter support (see this Support post for details), but not all.

The ability to pre-fill linked fields with parameters could be super useful as people use Airtable to build web applications.

Can I prefill a portion of a form?

It would be specially good to have the ability to pre-fill linked records (since you can already paste a string that matches the name of the record inside Airtable and it works fine, even creating a new record when the name is not found).


Yes, this would be really useful for us. In our case we need to prefill a hidden field. We will use this to indicate that the record has been submitted via a webform and requires action.


It would also be great if it supported prefilled hidden fields!


I would love to use this feature too


prefill_ would be a good enough workaround if it supported linked records


Hi, how is it going for this feature ? Thanks !