Add Form Parameter Support (Pre-fill form fields)

Would love the ability to pre-fill all form fields using URL parameters.

Currently some fields have parameter support (see this Support post for details), but not all.

The ability to pre-fill linked fields with parameters could be super useful as people use Airtable to build web applications.


It would be specially good to have the ability to pre-fill linked records (since you can already paste a string that matches the name of the record inside Airtable and it works fine, even creating a new record when the name is not found).


Yes, this would be really useful for us. In our case we need to prefill a hidden field. We will use this to indicate that the record has been submitted via a webform and requires action.


It would also be great if it supported prefilled hidden fields!


I would love to use this feature too

prefill_ would be a good enough workaround if it supported linked records

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Hi, how is it going for this feature ? Thanks !

This feature has been implemented a few months ago.

Pre-filling linked records or use of hidden fields? not that I’m aware of. pls explain.

Over last summer we implemented the ability to prefill linked record fields using the method described in this support article.

We haven’t yet implemented any form prefill features related to computed fields or hidden fields, but we’d love to hear more detailed feedback on your specific use cases, the problems you’re trying, and the ways in which you’re envisioning the feature(s) being implemented.

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We have one possible use case for hidden prefilled field on form. We would be using just one table for records, which need something to identify them but we don’t want to show the information on the form.


We have a similar use case! We are using our form to collect information from users of our service, and want to link the entry to their main record in another table. However, with the linked record field visible, they would be able to pull up the records of other users, which is obviously not okay since that’s private information. Being able to prefill a hidden, linked record field would allow us to avert this issue.

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I have a data entry table with views where internal users create records. We also have forms filled out by public users. I am looking for ideas to filter all the form submissions for review. I was thinking I would filter by Public user, but this does not seem to be an available option yet. I will start looking at the API now, but I look forward to hearing your ideas. Thank you.

Pre-filling out a hidden field with “Public User” was one idea.

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I started using a different date field on the form vs in Airtable to help differentiate records.
-Input Date field for data entry within AirTable.
-Form Date field for data entry with Forms.
-CreateDate = Created time field type
-Date =
IF({Input Date},{Input Date},IF({Form Date},{Form Date},{Create Date}))

In the end, I am back to one date field, Date. This does not help if they do not enter a date on the form so I will make it required.

My use case for the hidden pre-filled field is for notification purposes.

We have a form that people can fill out on our site, and I wanted to add a hidden collaborator field with the person already identified so they would get notified when there is a new entry. Right now, we only know if we happen to go to the table.

For those who are interested in prefilling hidden fields, we’ve added support for this feature in our form extension.

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Another workaround would be not to hide the field in form but to make it appear on conditions that are never met (like when 1=0).

edit : it’s not a solution as the hidden field with a condition is not taken in account either in the form that is submitted…