Adding premium features to a table I was collaborating on when a free account now that I am a premium paid user

I was collaborating on a table with another free user…and it is quite a complicated table, but was created by my collaborator.

I upgraded my account to the paid premium account, and I can apply the premium features to the tables that I created myself but not the one shared with me by the creator that I collaborate with. Even when he added me as a “creator” designation, it still shows that I have some tables in a free account.

How would I resolve this?

As far as I know Airtable features are tied to owner of Workspace. So if your friend is owner of workspace and he is on free account all bases inside will be on free account level.
What you probably did (and i think it shows even on the pictures) is that you upgraded your personal Workspace to pro level, but Workspace M-Tech System (where I guess your friend is owner) is still free because he didn’t upgrade his account. If you only need pro features in that workspace you can cancel your pro, he needs to upgrade his acc to pro and he will then pay 2 pro accounts for him and you (because workspace owner is billed for all billable users)
Its a bit of strange system, maybe someone from Airtable can explain it a bit in more detail :smiley:

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