Adding updates to a specific record

I want to use airtable as a database to collect ongoing information and updates about different properties (real estate). I need a way to collect information on a daily/weekly basis to track issues, conversations, updates, and reports about each property. Then I need a way to easily see and digest those updates.
What is the best way to configure airtable for this use case?

Hi @Kate_Selden - I would have two tables - properties and “interactions”:



Your interactions table could have other fields - attachments, single select (for type of interaction) for example. An interaction is linked to a property.

Back in the properties table, if you look at the detail record (pop-up) you can see the detail of the interactions:


Or, if you have a pro account, you could use the page designer block to create a report of the linked records:


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If you wanted to separate your interactions into different tables (all linked to the property) you could do that too - a table for notes, a table for conversations, a table for attachments and so on. The above example is a very simple set-up.