Advanced rules for data input and validation

I can’t believe this isn’t available, either. I just started building my first base, and I’m looking to create some rules for my fields. As a long time Access user, this is something I find essential to the integrity of the data.


My team has been using Airtable now since the beginning of the year. We have a somewhat sophisticated content/project management app created - somewhat, because, we’ve been suffering a ton of data issues.

Not having validations and required fields is creating serious integrity issues for us. Given that Airtable, based on a lack of any substantive response to this thread for over a year, seems to be unwilling/unable to comment, I am forced to seek alternatives. For as much as I love this platform, we cannot continue to suffer the chaos that comes from a lack of what I consider “table stakes” functionality. And, solving this using input forms is not an acceptable solution.

Airtable, if there are plans in the works, and you just can’t speak of them in this forum, please contact me directly. I would love to continue to use this tool if possible.

Thank you!

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Agreed. I have signed up for a trial today. I will probably dropping Airtable straight away because of this.

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Chiming in again in hopes that more frequency will get Airtable’s attention. -Brad


Yes! This is a must have for anything beyond the most basic form use cases.

Same problem here, if I have to write a custom form by myself then it doesn’t make any sense anymore to use Airtable