Airtable + Zapier chronological order of the zaps



I have a problem and need some input to fix it.

We have 2 automations running in zapier. Both run in the same table and same view.

Inside the table I have 2 statuses. Let’s call them “Publish to zapier” and “Done”

Automation 1 and 2 trigger when I change the status to “Publish to zapier”.

Automation 1 uploads an Image of the record to google drive
Automation 2 publish a html text to a wordpress site and after it’s done it updates the Status of a record to “Done”

My problem is, zapier don’t run zaps in chronological order. Sometimes Automation 2 triggers before Automation 1, the status get changed to “Done” and Automation 1 doesn’t run anymore cause the status of the record is wrong.

Would it be better to create 3 zaps instead of 2? Splitting Automation 2 and do the status update in an extra automation, when Automation 1&2 already ran?

Maybe I think a little bit to complicate, but I want to fix this. What’s the best solution for it?

Thank you!


How about running Automation 1 at the 30 mins mark and Automation 2 at the 45 mins mark.
You could do this using filters for time in Zapier…


I think the best approach would have automation 1 change the status of the record to, say “Publish HTML” after it’s uploaded the image to G Drive. Then have the 2nd zap triggered by this ( you could also use another status field for this) . You would obviously need another View to filter for the additional status.