Allow employees to set a date range in a grid view and print

Yes I’m new. I have created a base with a table of all sales transactions, one item per line. So for example, an order with 4 different items would have 4 records, each with SKU, quantity, price paid, order date, etc.

In the grid view, I’ve got a filter set up to specify an order date range, and I created a group by SKU so that we can see the total sales for each item.

I want employees to be able to view the file, set a date range, and print it if necessary. However the filter is not available in the view share, and all roads seem to lead to being at least a full base collaborator to be able to set the date range. That’s too much, um, power.

Am I missing something about sharing, or is there a better way to specify the date range?

If you create a shared view, users will be able to set their own temporary filters in the public share view which do not affect the “real” view in your table. Make sure that the shared view doesn’t already have one set for the date range, but other filters can remain. No one can reset/adjust the filters that have already been set in a public share view.

OK, so rather than having the filter set up and they just use the date picker, they need to understand the how to set up a filter. I can probably work with that. Thanks!

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