Am I dreaming ? ... shared view... editable!

Sad! :frowning: Maybe soon it will arrive for you!

Now I’m scared it’s a mistake!

Airtable phased rollouts can sometimes take a couple of days to reach everyone.

Also, I see this only in my pro workspace. I do not see it in my free workspaces.

I wonder why this wasn’t mentioned during the product roadmap table talk. This is huge and unfortunately, i am yet to have it!

Strangely enough, I’m not seeing this feature anymore. In fact, in the same base that has an editable shared view, I can no longer create any editable shared views–not for different views of the same table, and not for other tables.

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Just checked, and it’s only available on a random basis. Some recent bases don’t have it, some not too recent bases have it inside the same plan.
Was this feature released by mistake? Or it is just a test? Or is it available only for bases where the option was triggered this morning before the feature was removed? So many questions :smile:

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It was apparently a mistake. Too late, Airtable, we know you can do it now!

What makes you state that is was a mistake?

Because it looks like it was removed, and it was not announced, the release was a mistake. Maybe a test…

Have there not been instances of functionality hitting bases prior to formal announcement? Bummer if you are right.

Well, why is it available on tables that were triggered with the option and not on other tables in the same base? Test or released by mistake is the same, it’s only available if the option was allowed on a shared view table this morning EC time. It’s not like I’m blaming anyone.

I thought it was a prior release too, but why can’t you repeat the feature on the same base then?

@Jordan_Scott1 Airtable has a history of releasing features before announcing them. This makes it super confusing for people who see a new feature and then have it removed from them. Was this a new feature for everyone, selected users, or only supposed to be for enterprise users? What’s going on?

Based on this post, it was clear that this feature was at least in beta for some users.

If Airtable announced features immediately when they were rolled out, there wouldn’t be so much confusion. We would know that an unannounced feature might be a mistake. For example, when y’all announced conditional actions in automations, people knew in advance that it was coming and to just sit tight if they didn’t have it yet. The announcement thread also gave a centralized place for discussions.

Instead we wake up some Tuesday morning and our bases look different, or have different features, and we don’t know what to think or how much effort to put into dealing with the changes.

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Exactly, maybe the option will only come to Enterprise.

Wait and see!

By the way, a few days ago I made this video for how to update a record in a shared view from a button using a prefilled form an an automation. Not as cool as the feature that was exposed today, but this technique uses only well established features that are available to non-enterprise customers.

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What is Gareth going to do this is new video about editable shared views ? lol

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What has happened here is truly ludicrous.

Get your ducks in order.

Why make a feature available, and then take it away, with no communication?

I was designing workflows, hiring staff, based on this feature.

the rug was pulled out.

Here is the post about the feature being removed.

Yes, woke up with the office in caos because the staff couldn’t perform their assigned tasks since shared links were no longer editable.

I had to come here to this forum to check on my sanity

Airtable, Thank you for the feature, but don’t pull it off like that.

Product and Revenue teams need to reconcile their differences and decide to put the products value first than monetization

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