Announcing: Table Talks 🎉

We could not be more excited to announce a new weekly stream about all things Airtable on Youtube, which we have fondly named Table Talks. Each week you will have the opportunity to tune in live to ask all your Airtable questions about a specific topic and connect with like-minded creators.

We would love to have you join us for our inaugural stream on Thursday, September 16 at 10 am PDT, where we will be chatting about the power of linked records. Here you can find all the details for the first 3 streams, submit questions in advance, or add the events to your calendar.

If you’re able to join us live (or just catch the recordings), please don’t hesitate to share your feedback here after the event - we want these streams to be as valuable to the community as possible.

Thank you for the support and we hope to see you online.


very cool Jordan. I myself have embraced the POWER of linked records.


Great Editions #1#5 !

'just hoping you will continue after #6 “Formulas” !

Don’t hesitate to come back to “root” Categories like Automations a second or a third… time ! Huge subjects !

Thank you @Aron and everyone behind the camera !


These are fun live streams to listen to. Aron has an awesome delivery style.

@Jordan_Scott1 In keeping with today’s topic of automations, could you setup the automation email that tells me that I’ve submitted a question to include the question that I’ve asked?

Thank you @kuovonne ,
Yes @Jordan_Scott1 and @Aron, it would be helpful to keep track of asked questions and to search them.


Hi Folks,

Appreciate the feedback @Olpy_Acaflo ! You’re right that we definitely didn’t cover everything about Automations. Definitely open to another session on Automations. Keep the suggestions coming!

@kuovonne great suggestions, I’ve updated the automation to add the question. Note that we often edit the question to make it broader so won’t be one to one on what you see on the stream :slight_smile:



When I click to join the weekly livestream, nothing happens. Can you resend a link?

Welcome @Carri_Anderson to the Airtable community!

There is no Table Talk this week (December 2, 2021), per Aron’s post to the Facebook community.