Attachment Field Type: Dropbox "Error Requesting Cloud"

I have used Airtable for 1 year dropping Dropbox files into many Bases. For the last week, when I go into the Attachment Field and click on Dropbox, only a few folders pop up and then as you scroll, it stops after a few folders and an orange bar pops up saying “Error requesting Cloud.” I have tried on other bases and have tried to check all accounts, but no such luck. Suggestions?

Welcome to the community, @Taylor_Johnson! I would report this to (Their automatic reply mistakenly says that they respond here, but they actually don’t. This is simply a user community forum.) But please report back here with what they say! :slight_smile:

Thank you, @ScottWorld! I will send a message. Thank you for directing me there. I will update this post when I receive a reply back. Thanks again!

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