Auto-populate primary field in Table1 as data added in Table2?


Hi all!

I am using Airtable to run a project - an international air show event, with quite a few contacts, dates, statuses, etc. What I wish to do is have crucial info, like who accepted the offer and who didn’t, in separate tables. Maybe what I am doing is wrong approach and should not be done with tables but views or some other entity?

Example follows.

Table 1 - Sponsors

| name       | website        | country | 
| Airbus     |     | France  |
| ForeFlight | | US      |
| ...        | ...            | ...     |

Table 2 - Sponsor Status

| name       | status         | 
| Airbus     | contacted      | 
| ForeFlight | accepted       | 

I need to fill the primary key (field) in Table2name” automatically as I add new records in Table 1, also field “name”.

I understand that I can simply add another field in the large table where all the sponsors and their contact info lies, but I wish to have that one crucial field displayed separately, have it filtered by statuses, etc.

Many thanks!