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Good day everyone! I want your feedback on how to complete this. I have a table of ‘Projects’ listed and includes a linked field where I select multiple records that represent rooms of a house. This is what I want to do: once I select multiple rooms of the house, I want to auto-create a list for that particular project that includes default furniture and accessory pieces for each associated room of the house. That way, I’m not having to manually write it for each project that comes up. It may be easier for me to create an excel document to include the most common rooms with associated furniture and décor pieces. What are your thoughts? If it’s possible to complete, do you have any recommendations on how to make it happen? Thank you!

Hello Nedra_Hines,

I’m really new here, but this is how I did it:

The 1st step is ‘checking’ for a ‘New Customer’ in our base.
The next block is ‘creating records’ for each task we have assigned to ‘Welcome New Customers’.
The bottom section runs a ‘check’ to see if there are indeed items on those lists
…and if so, sends this email to me:

Let me know if this helps!


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Thank you for the information! It’s possible I can use the create records part of the automation. I’m not sure about how to complete the rest - yet. Thanks again for your input!

Hi Nedra, if I were you, I would have three tables:

  1. Projects
  2. Rooms
    • Has all the room types as rows
  3. Furniture and Accessories
    • Has all the furniture and accessories as rows

In the “Rooms” table, I would create a link to the “Furniture and Accessories” table. I would then add all the default furniture and accessories to each room type

In the “Projects” table, I would create a link to the “Rooms” table and use the requisite lookup fields.

This way, your rooms are already set up with the required furniture and accessories, and you can just add said rooms to your projects

Here’s a working example

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Thank you so much! This is doable and easy for me to understand. I really appreciate the working example as well. Enjoy the rest of your day!

I’m glad I could help! If you could mark my post as the solution I’d be really grateful, thank you!

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