Automating update record when an Outlook calendar event is changed

Hallo everyone,

During these holidays I am evaluating Airtable as our company new CPRM. Trying different functions…
We prefer to create event in our Outlook calendar and would like to create and update records in AT CPRM base Activities table.
I found the way to create record via automation.
I am having issues on updating the record when the event is changed in Outlook calendar.
Could you please indicate me the way forward or around?

Hopefully the article below will help you out. Be sure to store the Outlook Event ID for each record in Airtable, or else you won’t be able to specify which record to update.

It works! thank you Scott. Now I am trying to delete record if outlook calendar is delete.
I understand I have to use script, but I cant find one good example in the community, any tips for that one?

Sorry, I don’t know much about that, but others here do. Personally, I typically use Integromat to automate the deletion of my records:

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