Automation - send e-mail after form submission - help!

Hi there -
I’m trying to have an e-mail fire whenever anyone fills in a form.
Two questions:

  1. I’ve set it up and it just doesn’t seem to be working. The test failed, and when I try creating a record using my own email address, the automated email doesn’t come through.
  2. I am on the free plan and there is a notice saying “On your billing plan, you may only email collaborators with verified emails.” - does this mean I need to upgrade for it to work? I this why it’s not working?

Many thanks!

Yes, this is what it means. Since the email recipients are not collaborators on the base, you need to upgrade your workspace to email others. I do not know if a plus plan will be sufficient or not, but a pro plan will work.

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Do you have a gmail account and have you tried sending the email through that? I was able to automatically send emails out of a gmail account. I used a checkbox field titled “Send email?” and an automation with a trigger that looked for records with certain conditions (an email address and a checkmark in that field), then the email goes out from my linked gmail account.

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I have the pro plan, and I am receiving the same message for a form response email.
I would like an auto reply to go to anyone who completes the form, but when I test, it fails and says “you may only email collaborators with verified emails”.

As I say, I am on the pro plan but don’t know where I am going wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated.


@Onextra_Care How long have you been on the pro plan? If you recently upgraded the workspace with the base, you may have a pro trial instead of a full pro plan.

I suggest you contact customer support. If you are on the full pro plan, they can see why you still have this limitation. If you are on a pro trial, support can help you move to a full plan before the trial expires.

You’re correct, whilst we have signed up to the Pro Plan, we are still in the trial period.

Thank you for your advice, I will contact customer support