Barcode scan and list automaticly

I have 10 items, all with barcodes.
Is there a function that automatically assigns a scanned article to a new list?



There’s not enough detail in your description. Could you please provide more detail about your base setup, and what you wish to achieve with it when scanning barcodes? What’s the “new list” you refer to? Is it a link field? Single-/multiple-select? The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be to assist.

Hey Justin,

all articles are listed and provided with a QR code (in Stock). If an article is rent, it should be scanned using the QR code and assigned to a list “rented”. It would be helpful if it´s possible to create a “rented” list first and then scan all items which are listed automatically to this list. There are around 30 items per rental.

Upon return, these items should be scanned again and automatically added to the “in Stock” list.

It would be nice if there was a practical solution.

Hi, I see that you know about readers, maybe some of you have used hdwr readers? More specifically, I would like to buy this model
I want the scanner to be bluetooth.

That workflow unfortunately won’t work in Airtable, at least not to my knowledge. All scanning must be done within a specific field, because that field is where the scanned value will be stored. There isn’t an option to scan a code independently and then have some other logic determine where that code will be stored.

The way I would be inclined to set this up would involve two tables, which I’ll call [Inventory] and [Activity]. [Inventory] should be pretty easy to figure out, as that’s where all of your rentable items will live. [Activity] would contain records noting when items are checked in or out, with relevant links to the [Inventory] items. A combination of check-ins and check-outs would end up determining when items are available to rent. The problem lies in connecting these checkin/checkout records with the inventory. Simply scanning a code won’t make a link. Some other tools would need to be used to finish the job, and I don’t have experience with this type of setup to offer specific suggestions on how to pull it off.

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