Calculating Sales Average by Sales Quarter per Person


Hello! I am hoping someone can help me find a solution to my issue. I am trying to create a formula (or some other solution) that will take the data from our sales events (the person that worked it, how much was sold in , how long the event was in days, and what sales quarter it occurred in) and output an average for the person that worked during that quarter. Each person would have worked multiple events in that quarter. So the formula basically would calculate per person the total sold / total days worked in sales quarter 1.

I am able to get Airtable to calculate it in a Pivot Table block, but can’t get that data out of the pivot table block to make it useful in other formulas. We need to take that average to then project their sales at the next event.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi @Clifton_McMorris

I recently handled something similar to this for a client - but in their case it was a monthly sales summary by employee. The way this was done was to have a Team Monthly Sales Stats table to which all sales were connected (i.e. John Smith - 2018/10).

Now, you may think that a) it would be a pain to create the equivalent of the Team Monthly Sales Stats (Quaterly in your case) record for each person each month and b) it’s an extra field to complete for each sale - but this can all be automated with either Zapier or Integromat both of which could work out which Quarter to attach a sale to from the date.

If you want to see a brief comparison of Integromat and Zapier, I have just written a blog post here:

Hope this helps!