Calendar - Dates to Remember Help


Ultra brand new here. Need assistance setting up a Dates to Remember tab/sheet inside of a base. I used a template to start and really like the Dates to Remember sheet. I want to populate it with content topic ideas based on special days of the year (like “National Read a Book Day” and such, and I want those items to stay on an “ongoing” calendar, if you will; I want to see those same items on every year going forward. As it is set up now, I see a 2019 and a 2018 calendar view among other view options. I go in to the 2019 view to edit/build this sheet by adding special days to dates but when I go forward to 2020, the item is not showing/has not been added to the next calendar year. I am sure I have not set it up right. So how do I make these additions to my Dates to Remember sheet to show up always?



I would add the date of current year, and add another Formula field that checks if that uses the day and month and add the current year with the YEAR() and NOW() functions: