Calendar use case : 1 training, with 3 dates and 3 coach : how do you get each coach planning?

Hi everyone !

Here is my issue : I have to manage the planning of different training session.
For each session (ie : each entry), I have 3 dates, and each date has a trainer :

Training A / Date 1 / Trainer 1 / Date 2 / Trainer 2 / Date 3 / Trainer 3
Training B / Date 1 / Trainer 1 / Date 2 / Trainer 2 / Date 3 / Trainer 3

Each trainer can be on different session, and different dates.

In the end : how can you get a personal planning for each trainer ? :thinking:

Since filters apply to the whole entry, I have difficulties to keep only the date related to a specific trainer.

I suspect I may have put my hands in the script blocks but if you have a workaround, I’ll take it !

Thanks !


You would need to separate your Date/Trainer pairs into their own table, so each Date/Trainer pair becomes their own record in a new table. Then, you can create your calendar from that new table.

Back in your main table, you would link each session to multiple Date/Trainer pairs in the new table. But your calendar would be generated from your new table.

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Hi Scott !

Thanks for your help ! :+1:

Not sure that I understand completely : you mean having 3 tables ?

  • training
  • trainer
  • date

I already have the 2 first tables and since date where computed (actually in my use case, I have 12 dates with a regular pattern) I do not have a third one for that.
And I need to be able to change the trainer who was planned at a certain date.
I therefore cannot pair trainer and date in a single cell.

My guess is that I would need a script that would copy/paste in a new table the pair Trainer / Date and run it every time the planning has changed.
I think this is the only solution to get this pair in a dynamic way.

Am I right ?

No, you would have 2 tables:

  1. Training Packages
  2. Sessions

In your sessions table, you would have 2 fields: date and trainer.

Yes, it is what I thought : if I want to have this, either I do it manually (which won’t be sustainable due to the large number of sessions), either I need to write a script to split from the sessions.
I somehow hoped that there was a workaround !

Thanks @ScottWorld !

You’re welcome! Please mark one of my comments as the solution, which will help others in the future who have this same question! :slight_smile:

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