Calendar view by 2-months, quarter, annual


Not having this capability caused us to leave Airtable last year when looking to use it for planning, tracking, & communicating our go-to-market (GTM) projects. We are now giving it another try and having success for OKR management and want to again attempt using it for providing visibility into our GTMs.

The calendar view need to enable us to see monthly, 2 months, quarterly, and annual views (at a minimum 2 and 3 months at time). This is critical for GTM planning & communications. It would enable us, as well as key stakeholders across the company to get a comprehensive view of upcoming launches and those identified for further out in the year.

Without this capability, we may not be able to use this for planning, tracking, and communicating GTM projects.

And no, the Timeline view does not meet this need very well… and if it did, it would also need to include the ability to publish the timeline view.



I second the need for more flexibility in the Calendar view of things. We’re likely committed to AirTable but this missing aspect to data viewing prevents us from moving several business functions into AirTable. :-/



I’d love to see additional flexibility in Calendar view.



Either this or grouping in the timeline, it’s very important to visualize things between months in our case, ie. event planning.