Can't Figure out my Multiplication Error

I’m trying to do a simple multiplication formula. I want to multiply two columns. (Pic 1 of 3)

I am using the formula as described in the directions, Price * Quantity. (See Pic 2 of 3)
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I only get an error message! (See Pic 3 of 3)
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I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

From your screenshot, {Field 8} appears to be holding a string(basic text) value, rather than a numeric value. I can tell because the characters are left-aligned in the field. Airtable left-aligns strings(basic text), and right-aligns numbers. So, while the characters shown are numbers, the value is being held in a “string” as the system is interpreting it behind the scenes.

So, you can either address this in the {Field 8} formula, by having it output a numeric value (I’d have to see the formula in {Field 8} to know how to help you with fixing that)…
you can address this in the {Annual Cost} formula by wrapping the reference to {Field 8} in a VALUE() function, like so:

VALUE({Field 8}) * {Payment Amount}


You are a genius! Thank you, that fixed the problem.

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