Can't POST Object to API

Hello everyone, I have a very simple JSON POST to the Airtable API but am unable to Post an object into the Fields.

“fields”: {
“Time”: “{time}”,
“DeviceID”: “{device}”,
“Payload”: “{data}”,

In my Airtable, “Time”, “DeviceID”, “Payload” are all fields, yet {computedLocation} is an object which has the following variables: “lat”, “lng”, “radius”, “source” and "status.

My question is how do I parse an object into specific fields in Airtable?

Something like
“Lat”:"{}" isn’t working.

Hi @Alberto_Mannil - think you just need to take the curly brackets off, like this:


Hi JB, thanks for the support, but still won’t work like this.
Without the " " the system won’t accept the code.


Is there a way to Post the entire “computedLocation”:{“lat”:42…,“lng”:-71…} into an Airtable Cell? I could parse using the Formulas there.

Hope I can explain myself, I’m relatively new to APIs