Change Display Labels on Gallery View

Hey there, I’ve got a Gallery view of people with biography info, name, and other mutli-select data points.

The labels of those columns are used to form a survey. The survey asks questions like “what would you like your Bio to be?” and then in the Gallery view, I would want the label of the card to be displayed as “Bio” instead of showing the entire question in a card.

Is this possible?

Are you using a form to ask these questions? The form lets you customize the name of the fields, but the gallery view does not.

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That makes sense. I’ll use the form to ask the question but label the field correctly for the gallery view.


You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile: If you don’t mind, could you please mark my comment above as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question in the future. :slight_smile:

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Oh you bet, I’m a community manager at I totally get it!

Thanks for the reminder :joy:

Mike Rizzo

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