Change order in rollup function


Hello everybody,

at first I set one column in my table 1 so that I can link it to items of records from a different table 2 (via multi-linking to record). Then I wish to fill a different column in table 1 through rollup function with another matching item of the same records from table 2. Problem is, that the order inside the rollup column is automatically opposite to the order in the first column linking to the record. I would like to have the same order in both columns, but I cannot set anything about the order connected to the rollup function.

Can anybody help, please?

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Hello @Manuel_Gnerlich,

Are you using the ARRAYJOIN(values) or CONCATENATE(values) function for the aggregation function?
I experience the same behavior, the Rollup values are ordered in the opposite order of the multi-link column. I believe we could reach out to the support helpdesk in this case.



So apparently, the batch update Block can sort links in either ascending or descending order, so this is a workaround for now.



Hello @Loic_Sanchez

yes, I am using CONCATENATE(values). It is not working.

I got a message from support team.That bug is in to-do-list. We have to wait.



I am waiting along with everyone else.