Check if a cell value exist in another table


Hello Community,

I have a table_1 with root domain urls (ex : and i’d like to do a check for each row in order to see if :

a) i’ve never contacted the website
b) i’ve already contacted and got a positive answer
c) i’ve already contacted and got a negative answer

I have a table_2 with the contact history

Is it possible to automatically check for a value in table_2 and based on that display something in table_1?

Many thanks for your help.


Hi, So this is completely straightforward.

First, on the contact history table, convert the url column to ‘Link to another record’ and then choose the ‘domains’ table. Airtable will automatically convert the ones you’ve contacted to their links. It will also and add a handy ‘Contact History’ column to the Domains tab showing the link! (Plus, It will also automatically create records at the bottom of ‘domains’ for anyone you may have missed.

Anyone you have never contacted will have no linked records on the ‘Domains’ tab in the new ‘Contact history’ column.

Also on the Domains tab, add a column for a ‘lookup’ where you will choose the outcome from the ‘Contact History’ table.


Wow @Noel_Howell looks just great ! I’m going to test it :slight_smile:


It works like charm ! Thanks again