Collecting Info from writers without having them sign up

I have a table with a list of articles that need to be written. The fields on the table are; article id, article progress status, author, drive link, Article title, Guidelines and deadline.

I have created a sharable view with which my writers can see which articles they are assigned to and the necessary details without signing in. I collect the articles via a form where they submit the drive URL and the article id with a status (writing done)

Problem is, when they submit the article it always creates a new record and I have to manually transfer the URL and change the status to the original record and delete the row that has been created by the form.

Is there a way, to make it possible that the writers can submit the URL to the original record and change the status? without signing in.

Hi @Tareq_Sojol and welcome to the community!

You could:

  • create a new table with the necessary input fields you require from your authors and add a form there
  • make a prefilled form URL for every article (eg: url to form + article ID prefilled) and put it behind a button field in your article table
  • create an automation that triggers on the submission of a form in the new table, finds the article in your article base, based on the article ID that is included via the (prefilled) form, and then updates that record with the URL and new status
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