Color Code / Hide Tables?


I would like the ability to color code my table buttons in the UI. This way I could group tables together by color and function.

I currently have 11 tables that track different aspects of our business and people access them to interact with the data. I’d like to be able separates these “working tables” from tables I’ll be connecting to Cognito Forms for capturing client entered data. For safety / simplicity, we’ll be adding a new table in Airtable for each form on our website. We’re looking at creating about 8 different forms.

I’d love to be able to color the tables that our employees will be interacting with, and assign a different color to the tables that exist as a data store for form data.

As a related, but possibly separate request, I’d like the ability to hide / show tables. This would be especially useful for join tables that aren’t supposed to be accessed directly, but rather as a way of creating many to many relationships.


Hey Aaron, thanks for this suggestion! We’ve definitely gotten the request to hide/show tables before. As for the color-coded tabs, I don’t think that’s a suggestion we’ve seen before, but it’s very interesting to hear about your use case and how different colors would help you. I’ll make sure your feedback gets back to the team :slight_smile:


Color coding is something I’m used to from video editing applications like Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere. Here’s a look at an example of how color coding is implemented in those applications:


Being able to color code tables would be an excellent feature for us as well. This way it would be easy to identify the tables that certain collaborators should work on.


I onboard individual staff members to Airtable. But each workflow if different, depending on their role. I would love to be able to say “you can see everything, but only focus on the blue tabs”


+1 for hiding tables. I have a bunch of information tables for locations and other relationship fields and it clutters up the top bar.


The ability to colour code the table tabs would be really useful - as would the ability to hide tables.


I agree with hiding and colouring tables.

When we translate Access databases we end up with quite a few tables representing pick lists. Normally when everything is cut over these can be deleted, but incremental prototyping sometimes requires multiple imports before cut over, hence the tables must be retained. Also this is a prototype that may be deployed to many individual sites each with their own access data base to be imported so it is a good idea to retain these tables for future imports, but they really make a mess of the interface.

I hope this helps to motivate this feature,
If there are better approaches to this issues they are most welcome
Thank you


This topic is old, so perhaps the feature has been implemented and I haven’t figured it out yet, but I would love to color-code the table tabs. My main database is my first table tab. For each record in that table, I need a complete other table tab of a checklist for that deal. It’s a checklist for forms and also a checklist for workflow. At any given time, I have 20 deals in the hopper (and 20 tables to scroll over after my original database and checklist template.) 1/3 of these are active, the others are not yet active, so they require different attention. Another way for me categorize them with color is by clent. It would be much easier for me to focus on the “active” files (tables) by looking at their color. For now I am stuck with putting the table name in all caps vs. all lower case. Rudimentary.


Hi Valerie

My apologies if i misunderstand - however…

My question is why you would have a separate table for each main table records’s checklist - in a database you can link records from one table to another. You would have your checklist records to the main record they relate to - in the Checklist table you could then group the records by the paintable record so that you can see a checklist for each ‘parent’ record. In this way you would only need 2 tables.


Thanks for paying attention! I love the Airtable forum. Yes, I originally had my tables set up as you recommend- one table for all of my transactions (100s), and a second table for the upcoming & active transactions that required a checklist for forms & workflow. But then it became impossible because each item was not a checkbox, rather, each record on the “checklists” table has many fields to satisfy (form name, description, #, due date, signed by us, signed by them, signed by third party, complete and not applicable and so on…). Also, Within each “checklists” table, it’s nice to have different views - all forms & tasks, all forms, all tasks, remaining forms, remaining tasks. For the amount of logging I do, it’s nice to have a separate table tab to quickly view and click on when I’m focussed on that specific transaction.


What I need is a way to create automatically a new checklist table whenever I enter the new transaction on the first transactions table. It would also be nice if some fields from one auto-populated to the other, but it doesn’t work. The “lookup” function is not for a single field in a lengthy record. What I really need is for an Airtable expert to take my existing base and “spiffy it up” with better formulas and processes.


@Valerie_Miles - I’ll send you a PM


Color coding would be of great use. The 50,000 row limit in airtable means that you are incentivized to to denormalise the tables. Color coding would help significantly to make the UX better in tables with many columns.


+1 For Color Coding

This would be super useful as a visual marker for complex table sets, even if the tab colors weren’t filterable.


Hi Katherine,

Is there any update on the ability to hide tables?