Colours in the Pro version

It would be great if the colours could be included in the first paid version.
I pay the PRO and I using quite basic.
Please could you think about?


Are you making a feature request to allow record coloring in the Plus plan?

I don’t want to pay 10$ judt for a few colours. Ideal to get them in the pro Plan

I’m not sure I understand what you’re requesting. Record coloring is already available in the Pro plan, which costs more than the Plus plan.

If you don’t want the $10 Plus plan, are you requesting record coloring be added to the Free plan?

Yes correct.
I am user of the Plus Plan. I would like to just get the colors of the Pro Plan.
I am not using all the functions of the Plus Plan, but I need the colors. It is the only thing I need if you could include it in my Plus Plan. pls.

Could it work?


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