Combining IF AND statements (one is a function)

Hi, having issues combining two different IF statements for contracts:

IF(Phase=“:inbox_tray: Lead”,“:bell:”)
IF(DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Last Contact},‘days’) >= 7, “:bell:”)

They both work separately but want to be able to combine them so that IF a contract is in Lead phase AND the last contact date was 7or more days ago, then follow up (:bell:).

Every time I use the (AND) function, following the example here, it doesn’t work.

Is it because the Phase field is a function?

Post your latest attempt so we can dissect what’s wrong about it.

Thanks Kamille.

IF(AND({Phase} = “:inbox_tray: Lead”, DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(),{Last Contact},‘days’) >= 7,“:bell:”)

It looks like you are missing a closing parenthesis for your AND. Try this. You will have to replace the emoji as they did not copy/paste for me.

        {Phase} = ":inbox_tray: Lead", 
            {Last Contact},
        ) >= 7
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Wow this was driving me crazy for days. Thank you!!

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