Commenting on AT Interface

When I @mention someone on Interphase and they get an email notification to link them to the base to see the comment, is there a way to link them to the Interphase via that notification? I’m running into a bit of trouble with @mentioning someone and they’re taken to a gridview instead of the Interphase view. My gridviews and my interphase shows different fields so when they’re taken to a grid view, they don’t see the necessary information/fields.

Welcome to the community, @Ivy_Zhong! :smiley: Airtable doesn’t currently provide any options for changing how the @ tagging behavior works, probably because the tag is tied to a record. An interface (not interphase) is just another way of viewing and interacting with records, similar to view types like gallery, Kanban, etc. As far as Airtable is concerned, the important thing when tagging someone is the record, not the environment in which the record is viewed.