Compare multiple data points in two different tables

I have one table that is a Roster of team members with various fields of data pertaining to each record. This table is imported for certain fields and other fields are manually imputed. The data on each record set has the potential to change at any given point. Changes are done manually.

The second table is Synced data from an external source that contains some of the same data that is on the first table.

I would like to setup a Validate field (checkbox) on the Roster table, this field will be checked if multiple data points (4 or 5 fields) matches exactly from the 2 different tables.

Is there a way to compare this data across 2 different tables and if all matches correctly check the validation box? Additionally, if data changes in the Roster and now is different uncheck the box?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi and welcome @Mike_Thorington!
Assuming you have a linked record field to the synced table in “Roster” you can add lookup fields that pulls data from the synced table in to “Roster”.
In a new formula field you then add something like this:

IF({Linked Field}, IF( AND( {Value 1}={Lookup Value 1}, {Value 2}={Lookup Value 2}, {Value 3}={Lookup Value 3}, {Value 4}={Lookup Value 4}, {Value 5}={Lookup Value 5} ), '✅', '❌' ), 'Not Linked' )

Then you can hide the lookup fields if you want. Change out the field names and emojis to correct names and own preference.

Thank you so much. I was able to create this and right off the bat I had mostly :x: or Not linked. The not linked makes sense (some data is slightly different). However I only had 1 :white_check_mark: in all my data. I took out the phone number field in the formula and then got a bunch of :white_check_mark:. Something is off with the phone number formatting (I think from the source data) because the numbers are an exact match. I will figure that part out. Thanks again for your quick reply and help.

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