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Pulling a list of tasks that were completed overdue?

Hello,As projects come to a close, I want to review how successful my team was on staying on task and completing tasks by the deadline. My base is set up to flag overdue tasks, so I know in the moment when something is overdue and needs to get done A...

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Changing help text based on input in a form?

Hi! I'm trying to make it easier to check which cell phone carrier a person uses based on their phone number. Right now I have a formula I use, but formulas can't appear in formsThis is the formula I use: IF({Phone Number} = BLANK(), '', CONCATENATE(...

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Unusual Billing

Hi Support,I have a Team Plan with one collaborator. I paid an annual fee last month but I was just billed again another annual fee. Can you please help to understand what is happening?It is unfortunate Airtable has been giving us quite an unique exp...

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Print an Interface

Anybody have a workaround to print out an Interface (physically or digitally as a pdf)? I have a Financial Dashboard that I would like to print and file at the end of each year. 

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"Link to another record" not updating

Hi. I've taken over managing an airtable database and I can't get two tabs to talk to each other. I basically want the Link To Another Record space to populate when I link to that resource from another tab. It's working everywhere else on this table,...

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.13.04.png Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 15.14.42.png
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Calendar view on mobile isn't responsive?

Hi. When looking at a calendar view with a shared link on mobile the user has to swipe around (e.g., left and right) to see all the days of the month. Also, when clicking an event, the popup with details is larger than the screen. One can click the d...

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Understanding how paid plans work amongst a team

Hello, I am trying to understand more about the paid plans, and who exactly on the team needs to pay for plans to access bases that use paid features. We use airtable for our general employee handbook. Although everyone needs to access it, only the a...

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