Concatenate formula with "0" value

A while ago I asked for help to concatenate several values together (kids’ ages) and the following was suggested by Justin_Barrett, which I am using now, thank you Justin.

TRIM({K1 age} & IF({K2 age}, " " & {K2 age})
& IF({K3 age}, " " & {K3 age})
& IF({K4 age}, " " & {K4 age})
& IF({K5 age}, " " & {K5 age}))
, " ", ", "

However, it doesn’t seem to allow for a “0” value. Can someone advise why and/or how to modify this formula to allow for the “0” value?

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The reason that 0 isn’t working is that something like IF({K2 age}, ... effectively looks for a true or false value to come back from the listed field. A blank field equates to false, and a non-empty field normally equates to true. However, the number 0 also equates to false. To truly see if the field is just blank in a case where you still want 0 to be processed, you will need to compare the field value against the function BLANK() using the != operator, which means “not equal”. While BLANK() can be avoided in lots of situations, this isn’t one of them. :slight_smile: Here’s the formula with that change applied:

TRIM({K1 age} & IF({K2 age} != BLANK(), " " & {K2 age})
& IF({K3 age} != BLANK(), " " & {K3 age})
& IF({K4 age} != BLANK(), " " & {K4 age})
& IF({K5 age} != BLANK(), " " & {K5 age}))
, " ", ", "

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