Conditional Sums and Lookups

Hi all,

I currently made a certain stock setup, which gave me certain sheets within one base:

  • Locations
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Order lines

Within the order lines sheet, I make an order line per amount of item that is sent to a location.
Every now and then, I physically go to a location, to count all the products there.
I do so to see the usage per product and per location.

I am now trying to make the sheet that will show the usage per location and per product.
However, I don’t seem to be able to summarize each product per location (thus to show the total amount of products delivered per location).
I would then make a second column that shows a count at a certain point to calculate the usage.

Can anyone help me out? (basically trying to build a pivot table showing location - product - amount, but then flattening it out again).
Looking forward to some feedback!

I’m not sure that I have a good grasp of your system design, but you might consider making a new view to group the order lines by location, then by product. The field summaries in each group will give you totals (or whatever other aggregation you wish) for each field. Will that work?