Count number of groups when in group view


I am starting to think this isn’t an option in Airtable, but am hoping someone out there knows how to do this. I found one other support question on it and no response.
I have a table showing the grants given out to grad students. Each grant gets a unique entry identified by the grad student recipient’s name. Some grad students get these more than once in separate semesters. I have a view sorted by group (the recipient’s name) and can see the number each student received, but there is not a count for the number of groups. Is there a way to count this other than manually or am I SOL? I tried to think of a way to run a formula or something else to do this, but cannot seem to figure it out.


There is a workaround that will get you the number you want, but it’s not pretty…
Should only take about 5-10 minutes to set up.

  • Step 1:
    Create a new table called “Summary” or some-such

  • Step 2:
    Create a linked record field in your grouped table that links to a single record in “Summary”

  • Step 3:
    Link every single record in your grouped table to the same record in “Summary” (this can be achieved by linking the top record, then copying that field, selecting that field for all records [ctrl/cmd + shift + down arrow] and pasting)

  • Step 4:
    Create a rollup field in the “Summary” table that rolls up the same field you are grouping on from your other table, using this formula in the rollup field:


This will count the unique values from the field rolled up, and that count will match the number of groups that exist in your grouped table, because a group is created for each unique value in that field.


This worked perfectly. Thank you so much!