Create a Conditional Formula on Form Answers

I’m trying to put together a form for screening, however I cannot figure out a way to create a formula that would enable me to give an automatic output based on the form response.

In short, if someone writes a symptom I want the last column to output a false, or a fail message. I have tried doing this but haven’t been able to.

Here you can find a look into the form:

And a formula I put together to try to get an automatic output:

Welcome to the community, @Adam4!

Formula fields cannot currently be placed onto Airtable forms. Only user-editable fields can be displayed on forms.

You might be able to figure out a workaround to this issue by using the “conditional field” feature of the forms, where you can hide or display user-editable fields depending on other criteria on the form. But it would still need to be a user-editable field — so maybe you could make it something small like a checkbox field or something like that. But the key benefit that I’m thinking about here is that you can type as much description text that you want ABOVE the field, so you could write your description text above the conditional field that you choose to hide or display.

That’s a little bit of a hack, so if you want a more professional way of doing it, I would probably recommend using JotForm to create your form, and then send your data into Airtable from there. I believe that you can achieve this with JotForm’s conditional logic capabilities, but you’d have to check with them to be sure:

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