Create a Dynamic Text Friendly Pivot Chart within a Table?

I need to take 2 columns of data and assign them to an X/Y axis creating a visual matrix similar to below, where the summary field is the actual text & colour value of column 3. Where all three columns are populated from a form. (Essentially a pivot chart, but I’m after a dynamic one. Airtable’s is only giving me numerical/binary values options, no user friendly text options). Ultimately, I’d love to be able to assign different colours/visuals as needed, not just a static representation hence the desire to have it in a table rather than the pivot chart block, but if that’s all that’s feasible I’ll be happy!
In years past, with excel, I’ve used transpose+find&replace colour after excessive data manipulation to suit that process, but there’s got to be a way in Airtable or a better way in excel.

Alternatively, if you’ve a better idea of achieving what I’m going for altogether, I’m all ears.

For context it’s for award nominations: column 1 is nominees, column 2 is categories and column 3 is status (finalist, winner, disqualified, unjudged). Need to see at a quick glance who’s nominated for what. After 5 years of doing it this way, I’m having trouble rethinking!

Welcome to the community, @Annie_Morgan! :smiley: Sorry that this has gone unanswered for so long. :frowning:

Unfortunately the image/link you tried to include didn’t show up, likely because you were new to the system when you posted. Not sure if you’ve got enough time in the system yet to allow you to share an image/link, but it would definitely help us to help you, as I’m not sure that I can picture what you’re going for based on your description alone.